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The Big Baby Killers Paw Print

The Big Baby Killers

The Big Baby Killers

I have been asked many times over the years if cats will suffocate newborn babies.
There is an urban legend that “a cat will steal a baby’s breath in its sleep.”The legend has been going around since the 17th century probably started because cats are attracted to the warmth of a baby sleeping and the sweet scent of milk. Cats usually jump into a crib because the bed is warm, high off the ground, and simply a novel place to sleep. “If I fit, I sit”  Cats are also curious and may feel a new baby’s cries are worth investigating. (Although, most cats will actually run away when the new baby starts crying!)

The cat will jump in and snuggle up to the baby, inadvertently suffocating the child rather than deliberately sucking out his breath.

So, in a nutshell, No, cats are not out to kill new babies but just like with dogs, it is always a good idea to not leave your cat alone with your baby in the nursery and always have an eye on their interactions.

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