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Much like with people, we recommend bringing your pet in for a check-up with a vet at least once a year where we can check vital signs, and often pick up any health issues before they become really bad. Things like lumps, a sore back or rotten teeth are all problems that often go unnoticed or unchecked until its too late! We also recommend a yearly vaccination against the most common and most dangerous diseases.

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Annual Dog Health Check

Our consultations run for 20 minutes, which gives us enough time fully explore the history of your pet, check your pet and then fully explain anything to you. We find 20 minutes is easily enough time to ask and answer any questions, and as mentioned we put understanding as a top-priority and go the extra mile to make sure we understand the client, and that the client understands us.

We also have on-site blood testing and other similar tests which means you don’t need to wait days for results, only minutes!

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Lilydale Vet Centre Dog X-Rays

Dental disease is the most common health problem we see, with approximately 80% of cats over 3 years old having tartar build-up. Luckily, we have a state-of-the-art dental unit for carrying out all dental procedures, along with an ultrasonic scaler.

We often forget about our pets oral hygiene, but there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t brush our pets teeth twice a day as well! Except… that’s not very realistic for most pet owners. Fortunately, we have an excellent state-of-the-art dental unit which means we can do everything that needs to be done, including ultrasonic scaling!

If you want to care for your pet’s teeth at home (which we highly recommend!) we recommend doggy toothbrushes or even soft children’s toothbrushes, and toothpaste designed for pets. If that isn’t a possibility raw bones of appropriate size, dental chews, water bowl additives, gels and high-quality pet food are great steps to reducing the odds of your pet needing to come in for a dental operation.
Pets are required to be put under general anaesthetic to have dental procedures performed and is quite a process for them. As such we always emphasise that prevention is better than treatment.

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Dog Dentist Lilydale

Microchipping is a highly recommended form of permanent electronic identification for your cat or dog. It is totally safe and about the size of a grain of rice and implanted just below the skin of your pet. Microchips are not used to track your pet but are only able to be used to identify your pet.

As long as your microchip details are up-to-date, whenever your pet is found by the council it will be able to be scanned and you will be able to be contacted directly. This saves A LOT of time and worry since as long as your pet gets found and given to the appropriate people you will get your pet back very quickly.

To ensure your microchip details are up-to-date if you have changed address, phone number or your pet has changed owners call Pet Register on 1300 734 738 or Central Animal Records on 9706 3187.

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Dog Microchip Services

Heartworm, fleas, ticks and more. Parasites are a huge problem for our pets and preventing parasites is significantly more effective than treating your pet for parasites. While most people aren’t aware, parasites can cause chronic problems for you and your pet! These little guys can get really nasty if they are left untreated and unprevented.

We recommend using the Parasite Prevention Program, which delivers all the essential parasite prevention products you’ll need, directly to your address, at a price better than most stores can offer.

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Dog Parasite Prevention

Embracing technology and keeping on the leading edge means that we are able to perform many different tests in mere minutes! Urinalysis allows us to examine your pets’ urine for abnormalities, same-day in-house blood tests for various diseases or problems such as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Parvovirus and heartworms. We are able to check if your pet is anaemic if it has any glucose imbalances which can mean diabetes and much more. We are also able to examine our own samples of your pet from ears, skin and lumps to see if they are worthy of your concern.

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Pet Pathology Services

Our Puppy Pre-School is taking a break.  Please click here for information about our sister clinic, VetLand Hospital & Emergency’s Puppy Academy puppy daycare.

We run an absolutely fantastic puppy pre school for puppies from 8-16 weeks old (and sometimes above). This allows puppies to socialise with other dogs in their most critical age! Research has shown that this age is by far the most effective time to teach a dog how to interact with other dogs, as well as other people. Without proper socialisation, puppies can grow up to be moody, nippy and aggressive to other animals as well as other people.

Our puppy pre school is also great for teaching your puppy how to handle separation from you and teaches that trips to the vet aren’t bad!

Our puppy pre school involves bathing your dog in our hydrobath (getting them used to being washed), spending time with other puppies in our custom-built playpen, spending time being handled and played with by our vets and nurses and some time spent alone (time to rest after playing).

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Puppy School &Amp; Dog School

Lilydale Vet Centre is equipped with advanced digital X-ray machinery, allowing us to take extremely high-quality images extremely quickly relative to traditionally developed x-ray machines. This allows the Vets to better detect problems and abnormalities.

At Lilydale Vet Centre we have an advanced digital x-ray machine which allows us to take extremely high-quality images very quickly relative to traditional x-ray machines. Not only does this mean we can better detect abnormalities and problems, it means we can easily show our clients!

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Vet Radiology Services

We have access to ultrasound technology, which may not sound impressive but trust us – when your pet needs an ultrasound, and we do one, it will be a big deal. Ultrasounds give us the ability to take a deeper look at what may be going on inside your pet. While x-rays show us bones and hard material, ultrasounds show is the softer stuff. Some clinics will send you off to visit a specialist, not us! We can do the ultrasound in-house.

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Vet Ultrasounds
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