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Pain Management Treatments.

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What is Musculoskeletal Pain?

Musculoskeletal pain is defined as acute or chronic pain that affects bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and even the spine and nerves. Some conditions this includes are: 

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How do I know if my pet is in Musculoskeletal Pain?

Different pets can respond to and show pain in different ways, just like humans. Sometimes, there are obvious presentations like vocalising or limping. Often though the signs are more subtle, such as being less active, not jumping up anymore, moving slower/stiffer, or even just being a bit “off”. 

You can take the quiz to see if your dog or cat is likely to be in Musculoskeletal pain by clicking on one of the links below. 

What can be done to treat Musculoskeletal Pain??


Especially for acute injuries and flare ups of chronic conditions, pain relief drugs are often needed. The most commonly used drugs by far are Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). These target pain by blocking inflammatory pathways. New generation NSAIDs have much less side effects in comparison to older ones. 

There are many other classes of pain relief medications that can be used for your pet, many that can be used in combination if necessary to gain better pain control. 

All of these medications need to be prescribed by your Veterinarian, and a thorough assessment should be done in order to determine if and what pain relief medications are appropriate for your fur baby.

Laser Therapy

Whilst drugs are sometimes a necessity, more and more people are now looking for drug free options for pain relief. 

Laser therapy is a pain free, drug free pain relief therapy that has really gained speed in its use in both the Veterinary and Human medicine worlds in recent years. Using a class IV high powered laser, particular wavelengths of light can be used to target different cellular processes in specific areas of the body. 

Pet’s always thoroughly enjoy the sessions and everyone get’s to wear super cool glasses and “doggles” which is always a great photo opportunity!

Learn more about Laser Therapy Here >>

Rehabilitation Therapy

If you yourself have ever suffered from a significant musculoskeletal injury or pain, chances are you were advised to undergo physiotherapy. Well, pets should be the same! 

A tailored rehabilitation (physiotherapy) program for your pet is also a fantastic way to aid weight loss, improve mobility, increase fitness, improve muscle strength and ultimately decrease musculoskeletal pain. Pet’s don’t have to be injured to need rehab! 

Depending on you and your pet’s needs we can teach you about massage techniques, stretches, strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy and more.Give us a call to find out how to get this ball rolling.

Regenerative Medicine

Your pet’s body was built with amazing reserves to repair itself and provide its own anti-inflammatory factors. We can harness the body’s own regenerative capabilities with procedures such as Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma. 

Watch Dr Emily explain PRP >>


Supplements are commonly used to help prevent and manage arthritis specifically. There are MANY joint supplements on the market, some are better than others. Depending on the type of supplement they can increase new cartilage formation, be a source of natural anti-inflammatories and inhibit destructive enzymes. Joint supplements are an easy, risk free option that can, and should, be started early to help prevent arthritic pain. 

Some of our personal favourite products are; 4cyte, PAW Osteocare and Antinol.

Learn more about treating Arthritis here >>

Pentosan injections

These injections are also used to prevent and manage arthritic pain in dogs. These injections are given under the skin, the same as we give vaccinations. They help new cartilage form, slow cartilage destruction, blocks inflammatory processes and will increase lubricating joint fluid.

Learn more about Pentosan injections here >>


This is an exciting new arthritis treatment for cats that became available earlier this year. After a good 25 years researchers have identified a nerve-growth factor (NGF) that plays a critically important role in the generation of pain signals in osteoarthritis. Solensia works like your cat’s naturally made antibodies and binds/blocks these NGFs. Studies have shown that this can work better than drugs to take arthritic pain away! 

Solensia is a simple injection given under the skin (the same way we give cats and dogs their vaccinations) and is given monthly. 

What's next?

The world of pain management for pets is ever changing and ever growing. As your pet’s comfort is of the most importance to us we like to stay on top of all pain management options as they become available.

We encourage you to consider whether your pet might be in pain and book a consultation to have your pet assessed and chat with your Vet about treatment options.  


For the months of November and December you can receive $65 off pain management treatments when you book your Pain Management Consultation by using the link below